Functions and Anatomy of Interior Vena Cava

Functions and Anatomy of Interior Vena Cava can be seen from the placement of the interior vena cave. Interior vena cava is a vein of your vain that carries blood from lower body to the heart and it is through around lower body. Interior vena cava function is carrying de-oxygenated air that all of the […]

Female Abdominal Muscles

Female Abdominal Muscles are different with male’s muscles because of the size, shape, hormone that influenced of different sex can be making different of the abdominal muscles size, shape too. Men need many calories than female men calories recommended are 2000 calories and for female is 1200 calories. Men will lose their energy when they […]

Quadrants Abdominal cavity

Quadrants Abdominal cavity is having four parts in our body exactly in our abdominal cavity. Fist is right upper quadrant consists of liver, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, colon and transverse colon. Upper quadrant is placed on the quadrants above because this organ is the first organ to assimilate food and give chemical process with chemical liquate […]

Organs in Abdomen Left Side

Organs in Abdomen Left Side is organs that accumulate your food and help the digestion of your food. Abdomen is one of part of human body called belly that area of this part is space between thorax or chest and pelvis of your body. The part of abdomen left and right are different. The left […]

Abdominal Anatomy Greater Omentum

Abdominal anatomy greater omentum is a part from abdominal anatomy. Greater omentum is a prominent peritoned fold that hangs down from the stomach anterior to the transverse colon that it is attached. The greater omentum in animals called caul. The greater omentum has function for fat deposition that having varying amounts of adipose tissue, for […]

Bile Duct Stones after Gallbladder Removal

Bile duct stones after gallbladder removal are a condition after gallbladder surgery. Bile duct stones are the presence of a gallstone in the common bile duct. According from scientist’s bile duct are two type, cholesterol stones and pigment stones. Cholesterol stones caused by bile that contains with too much cholesterol, too much bilirubin, and not […]

Main Human Body Systems and Their Connection

Main human body systems and their connection are important to know. Human body is made up from then different systems. Human body has ten different systems that always connected. All of the system should connect well for living and healthy human body. If there is one of ten systems damaged, the other system will be […]

Basic of Human Skeletal System

Basic of human skeletal system includes all of the bones and joints. Every bone is made up from many cells, protein fibers, and minerals. The skeletal system of human body is as a scaffold that gives support and also protection for the soft organ that make up the rest of the human body. The skeletal […]

Four Quadrants of Abdominal Organs

Four Quadrants of Abdominal Organs – The abdomen is the part of the torso between the chest (thorax) and the pelvis. This section is a dynamic and flexible storage of most of the organs of the digestive system and the urogenital system. This is made possible with the support of the muscles of the abdominal […]

Medical Use Human Organ Anatomy

Medical use human organ anatomy is condition that allows you to donate your human organ for medical or for other than need your help. Human organ or bodies can be used to teach students about structure and how the organ work. The human organ or bodies may also use for train in surgeons and another […]